Chapter Summary:
AZIMUTH - The crisis blooms in the frontier as new homesteaders come face-to-face with those who never left the Commons.
BUREAUCRACY - As the volume of details come in those who manage the world must decide how best to react to these events and who needs to be convinced action is required.
CALGARY - A backroom committee makes the first bold step to address the growing concern but not without conflicting agendas coming into play.
DAM - The first team goes in to rescue hostages but is it too early to have made that decision?
EQUUS - As the captors learn more of what is going on they realize the true threat is from their rescuers.
FINESSE - The World comes together in Europe and one man will find himself in the middle of a political game that will affect the future.
GUILT - Action leads to regret, so does Inaction. Two friends, mentor and student find their paths diverge following events in Europe.
H.E.O. - 7 vignettes, 7 Points of View, 7 definitions of H.E.O. that transition to the rest of the book for all involved.
INDIES - As one team journeys deep in-country they soon discover the subtlies of Peacekeeping far exceed their training.
JOULES - A smuggler working outside the system and untouched by the conflict is drawn into the middle of events with a vengence.
KEEN - A competing superpower's entry into the conflict comes at a price.
LEAGUE - The path of an agitator is fraught with loneliness and doubt.
MOBILIZATION - As Finnegan's first command winds up Tass races to Earth to assume control of the mission, unaware that forces inside and outside the Network are already in place.
NUKES - A civilian is pulled well outside his comfort zone when he becomes the one everyone turns to for an arms race.