DUZA BEAR and the Cold Bear Report


YouTube Comedy / Satire

From the wilds of Canada comes a comedy with bite!

Hosted by DUZA BEAR, the Cold Bear Report paws at the hypocrisy of right leaning politics, claws at the stupidity of humanity and the roars with the ridiculousness of a bear with gear making a "current affairs" TV show!

With full episodes of "The REPORT" (with a hard "T" at the end, like it should be!), clips, bonus bits and Cold Bear Report SHORTS, the DUZA BEAR youtube channel is your one stop shop for all things COLD BEAR.

Episode CBR-0La (Season 0 - Episode 1):
Pilot:   DUZA rushes to the studio for the taping of his Christmas Special, with musical guests ELVISH KOSTELLO and the Unattractions and a special guest visit from the North Pole!

Episode CBR-0Lb (Season 0 - Episode 2):
DODOs, a Unicorn & some THREAT UP
While still trying to figure out what the show's going to be about, DUZA copies a page from the old Ed Sullivan show with some high art (we think that's what that was), then launches into the first of his repeating comedy bits!   Featuring the desk pieces: BIRD (Dodo); and THREAT UP (Lists).

Episode CBR-0Lc (Season 0 - Episode 3):
DUZA introduces the first HEROs & ZEROS desk piece (no one's willing to correct his spelling); then tosses it to MARTY MOLE on the roof for the New Year's Countdown and Ball Drop; and then a final performance by ELVISH KOSTELLO and the Unattractions (banned in Iran, North Korea, Cuba or Syria - I'm serious!) before joining Duza for a late night snack.

Episode CBR-1Aa (Season 1 - Episode 1):
DUZA begins the move into the new Studio, introduces his new bit ROAD RAGE and then does an Interview of an Interview on the Street with Conservative Leader ERIN O'TOOLE, or a reasonable stand-in for the bloated skin bag.

Episode CBR-1Ak (Season 1 - Episode 2):
After the second repeating desk bit: a Special Impeachment Edition of BIRD, DUZA covers treasonous prior US Presidents and then introduces a Special TR**MPUTE to the Pooh Flinging Mother Tr**mper!

Episode CBR-1Ba (Season 1 - Episode 3):
Duza Bear lays out the show's Mission Statement, paws at Justin Trudeau and the Liberals along with a few well earned hits on the Opposition parties, goes for another angry drive and then takes a walk in the snow.

Episode CBR-1Bj (Season 1 - Episode 4):
After rummaging through the opening Duza Bear spends a moment with the new Yout Correspondent, Ritchie; then has a run in with some unionized Beavers on the crew before presenting a pre-taped bit on the Biden Inaugural (guest starring Bernie) and finally wrapping up the show with a yap on a snowy log about the Americanization of Canada.

Episode CBR-1Bt (Season 1 - Episode 5):
The rushed--to-release Valentine's Day episode with Duza crooning, lesbian Koalas and French restaurants, and Carl Sagan reminding you how insignificant you are.

Episode CBR-1Bz (Season 1 - Episode 6):
We largely let NDP Leader JAGMEET SINGH speak for himself even though he's a bit of a repeater, and then flambée the whole Conservative-New Democrat alliance. Somewhere in there is a joke or two and we're not talking about the fact we use our generic YOUPIE puppet for every NDP leader no matter what.

Episode CBR-1Ca (Season 1 - Episode 7):
Bearly News
Duza kicks off the 10th episode of the Cold Bear Report with a call for comments then launches the new BEARLY NEWS segment; drags out the THREAT UP list for an UPdate and then does an extended bit about China, Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou's extradition to America and China's retaliatory kidnapping of the #TwoMichaels.

Episode CBR-1Cg (Season 1 - Episode 8):
Bear With Me...
Duza Bear spring cleans some jokes in an extended "BEAR WITH ME" riff segment, tries some health food, and then runs the gauntlet of a "Miscellaneous Minute", as always, all for your entertainment!

Episode CBR-1Cp (Season 1 - Episode 9):
Winter Wrap--Up
Duza Bear bids farewell to Winter, marks the 1st Covidversary, highlights FOX NEWS' time bending ability to prove a negative, shares his first walk in the snow among the snowflakes and then closes the show with his YOUT Correspondent and Tik Tok addict, Ritchie the Seal.

Episode CBR-1Cw (Season 1 - Episode 10):
News To Me...
Duza Bear does a deep dive into Canadian media; shares some road rage about Dog Whistles; makes a Timmy's run; and then wraps things up with a bit about online conspiracies, vaccines and population control.

Episode CBR-1Da (Season 0 - Episode 4):
Easter Special
Duza Bear cycles to the studio for his first Easter Special; hunts for eggs in the forest with Jimmy; gets some intel from Pope Francis; settles down to watch a bootleg of Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE; attends an on-line religious service and then tosses out all the messages of good faith and Christianity to go to Richmond Hill and kill the scammer who sold him that bootleg!

Episode CBR-1Di (Season 1 - Episode 11):
Lockdown Extravaganza
The celebrating of the freedom that our area has finally moving back to GREY ZONE after 4 months of lock-down is interrupted while Duza tries to address religious freedoms, Charter of Canada rights and the 6 obligations of citizenship - all while the show is suddenly locked down by repeated ill-timed AMBER ALERTS. Also, Jimmy fills some time with another Bootleg video, this time BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN.

Episode CBR-1Di (Season 1 - Episode 12):
SEAL CLUBBING with Ritchie
After Duza Bear begs off the show this week due to a bicycling accident, Jimmy the Producer covers with something the Squirrels found after the Beavers did an equipment test but forgot to shut everything down - Ritchie the Seal, goofing off his sweeping duties to pretend host his own Music Show - SEAL CLUBBING with Ritchie!