Running from October 2000 to January 2002 PIERRE CANUCK injected the zany, long-form, socio-political, elements of Monty Python into the best traditions of Canadian parody and satire. 20 years of sketch comedy burst onto TVs continent wide in this hilarious, fast-paced, half-hour of biting comedy starring Barry Saip and Gary Davidson, with moments of pre-taped crazyness supplied by Rovin Basi, Melody Kimmel, Rick Yaeger, Jessica McArthur, Susan Prosser, Trudette and whoever else they could goad into things.

Episode PCK/1A:
" The First Show Spectacular "
SERIES PREMIER: Borrowing heavily from their 20 year history in sketch comedy and short films the group introduces themselves to the audience, one person at a time. Then comes a variety show, a comedy, a dance marathon and other bits of lunacy just before Gary gets in trouble with the Producer for promoting other shows.
Episode PCK/1B:
" The Canadian Turkey Spectacular "
Song and dance and a whole Turkey festival as Thanksgiving gets the treatment. Also Gary gets in trouble with the Producers for doing a special after the holiday has occurred.

Episode PCK/1C:
" The Hi-Lites Spectacular "
Looking back on our past shows (both of them), then for the next 21 minutes general current affairs loonacy as the Canadian Dollar plummets again. Also Gary gets in trouble with the producer for trying to start his own Sit-com.

Episode PCK/1D:
" The ALL-CANDIDATES Spectacular "
Leaders of the major parties arrive and then guests who thought there was a party arrive. "Who brought the dip?" Ask Stockwell and he'll tell you where the invite came from. Ooooo- scathing political humour! Also Gary gets in trouble with Elections Canada for not registering his party.

Episode PCK/1E:
" The BIG NOTHING Spectacular "
Large awkward silences punch up this otherwise phoned in effort. Also Gary gets in trouble with the Producer for nothing.

Episode PCK/1F:
" The Hudson Bay All-Star Spectacular "
Why'd we name the largest inland body of water on the planet after an idiot? Tune and and you'll see. Also Gary gets grounded by the Producer for making fun of Martians.

Episode PCK/1G:
" The Election Day Spectacular "
General mayhem as the REALIST Party gains a sudden surge in support and the people go to the ballots, if they can find them. Also Gary gets in trouble for a letter he sent to every newspaper in Canada.

Episode PCK/1H:
" The Great Re-Run Psyche Spectacular "
It's a whacked out episode of Twilight Zone proportions where elections keep happening but nothing changes. Also Gary gets in trouble with the Secret Service for comments he made about Al Gore but can't repeat because of the Uzi toting Agent standing behind him.

Episode PCK/1i:
" The Everything is Green Spectacular "
A representative of the Marijuana Party in Quebec wants to brag about how they kicked NDP butt in every riding but can't remember where he put his speech. Also Gary gets in trouble with Ministry of the Environment for what he's been doing with unused jokes.

Episode PCK/1J:
" The Winter Pagan Spectacular "
Satires and riffs on what the season has become while Gary gets in trouble with the elders of his Church for what he said while filling in as Lay Pastor last sunday.

Episode PCK/1K:
" The SANTA Spectacular "
Gary is vibrating with desire about whether he made Santa's nice or naughty list this year. Also a recap of the North Pole Development Project which pretty well sums up the answer.

Episode PCK/1L:
" The BARRY SHOW Spectacular "
After telling the rest of the gang the show was on hiatus until January BARRY finally gets to star in his own show, the BARRY SHOW Spectacular which evolves into the BARRY Christmas Special with guest star Connie Scott.

Episode PCK/1M:
" The REALITY TV Spectacular "
Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bathroom, bwaaa, bwaaa, ha, ha, ha! Also Gary apologizes to the Audience just a moment before he has to.

Episode PCK/1N:
" The VIEWING OPTIONS Spectacular "
The crew doesn't feel like working so they all settle down to see what else is on. Also Gary apologises to the sponsors for calling their products bad names.

Episode PCK/1O:
" The MONKEY NEWS Spectacular "
Things go from bad to worse when the expected guest-stars fail to show and instead Biff the renegade agent sends their primate equivalents. Also Gary gets in trouble from the SPCA for his treatment of Bear.

Episode PCK/1P:
" The ROMANCE Spectacular "
Dating and marriage get the treatment just in time for Valentine's Day. Also the police visit Gary on stalking charges.

Episode PCK/1Q:
" The SWEEPS Spectacular "
Bold and surprising guest stars and strange and unusual plot twists spike this episode into the stratosphere. Also Gary gets in trouble with the network because of the unnecessary hype he's generating.

Episode PCK/1R:
" The Ground Hog day Spectacular "
Mid-winter blues get the treatment as everyone looks for some way to break up the dreary monotony. Also Gary gets in trouble with Environment Canada for spiking the snowmaker with an uncola.

Episode PCK/1S:
" The NOT SO SPECTACULAR Spectacular "
The history of boredom, white bread and libraries gets the business. Also Gary gets in trouble with everyone for rearranging the library books according to his own system.

Episode PCK/1T:
" The HIDDEN TRUTH Spectacular "
Subliminal advertising and spin doctors get the business. Also Gary gets in trouble with the RCMP for an alleged pyramid scheme he's responsible for.

Episode PCK/1U:
" The SPRING Spectacular "
It's not what you think as the gang goes nuts in the waning season. Also Gary gets in trouble with The BAY for revitalizing their old Matress races without permission.

Episode PCK/1V:
" The SUMMER Spectacular "
The history of Titan Executives camping gets the business, but will the park survive? Also Gary gets in trouble with the park rangers for his unsolicited and highly inaccurate "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU MEET A BEAR IN THE PARK" lecture at the amphitheatre.

Episode PCK/2A:
" The RACIAL INTOLERANCE Spectacular "
SEASON PREMIER: Never ones to take the safe or sensitive route PIERRE CANUCK presents a special filmed on location episode. After an Islamic school bus cuts off some loud mouths and biggots we take you through their narrow world view of other races just before we show reality in this highly criticized episode on perception vs reality.

Episode PCK/2B:
" The APOLOGY Spectacular "
A brief hiatus ends with everyone very apologetic about the previous episode, except Gary who insists on making a point.

Episode PCK/2C:
" The DEATH OF IRONY Spectacular "
Network executives finally appear dropping off the new IRONY-FREE rules for COMEDY. Also Gary gets in trouble with the funeral home for cremating old jokes.

Episode PCK/2D:
" The WIDE SCREEN Spectacular "
The gang gives a quick run down of the latest trend in Television as everything goes WIDE SCREEN then the next big trend occurs, FULL SCREEN episodes! Also Gary gets in trouble with the sponsors for using Black and White.

Episode PCK/2E:
The gang gives the latest trend in Christmas-Free Christmas the business. Also Barry gets in trouble with the network for being Christian.

Episode PCK/2F:
It's such a shame to waste all those Millenium decorations so the gang decides to have another Millenium party. Also Gary tries to remember what he did over New Years.

Episode PCK/2G:
More sketches relating to dating and marriage many including actual spouses and partners!

Episode PCK/2H:
" The LENT Spectacular "
Somber sketches devoid of colour and character can only last so long as the gang tries to keep things simple.

Episode PCK/2i:
" The ANIMATED Spectacular "
A clip show of sorts, the best sketches of the past are animated keeping only the original audio. Also Gary gets in trouble with his bank for trying to cash a cartoon cheque from this episode.

Episode PCK/2J:
" The ALL-HYPHEN Spectacular "
A literal mish-mash of ideas that were probably better off not combined. Also cloning and stem cell research get the business and Gary gets in trouble with Revenue Canada for claiming his clones as dependants.

Episode PCK/2K:
" The AL HYPEN Spectacular "
Who knew? Some guy named "Al Hypen" had his life turned into a circus by the title of our last episode and so we decided to make things worse by centering the show on him.

Episode PCK/2L:
" The TAX DEADLINE Spectacular "
Accountancy sketches and tax jokes make the bulk of this show as we prove that some things just aren't funny. Also Gary gets in trouble with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for calling them Revenue Canada but while he's apologising they change their name again.

Episode PCK/2M:
" The LABELLING Spectacular "
One odd observation leads to a quest for labelling as the packaging industry gets the business. Includes the infamous "Vegetarian (Meatless); Suitable for Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians" notice on the Egg Pasta with Cream sauce. Also Gary gets in trouble with some Council for Manufacturing or something for screwing around with their labels.

Episode PCK/2N:
The first sketch "George Bush is an Idiot" interviews the First Brain Cell's first year trying to keep the President of the United States operating. Includes behind the scenes footage of George Bush at work through a hidden camera in the Oval Office. The second sketch "Jean Cretien isn't much better" details the parliament of brain cells jostling for control of Canada's leader. Also Gary asks the question, just because you haven't had a minister resign for scandal doesn't mean you shouldn't have.

Episode PCK/2O:
" The GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS (may contain peanuts) Spectacular "
From Franken-Carrots to peanut allergy proof peanuts Genetically Modified Foods get the business. In the interest of fair play a representative from the Genetically Modified Foods Council, Mr. I.M. Lyeng gets to rebuttle this weeks show, if he can keep the twitching of his third arm down long enough to finish a point.

Episode PCK/2P:
" The PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST Spectacular "
The gang does their bit to secure peace in the middle east, or at least they try but radicals from both sides do everything possible to keep them from succeeding. Also Gary gets in trouble with the network for taking both sides. And a visiting American Advisor succeeds only in making things worse with methods that have led to half the world hating the U.S.

Episode PCK/2Q:
" The TARIFFS AND TREATIES Spectacular "
In the episode that lost us nearly every American Broadcaster for nearly every Titan show the gang tackles the decidedly anti-Canadian bent of recent protectionist policies in the US and then makes the obvious parallels to history that fail to flatter the Americans, and rightly so!

Episode PCK/2R:
" The FREE SPEECH Spectacular "
Uproar over the last episode merely fanned the flames as this gang of comical Canadians opens both barrells and fires American history back at the critics who think its good for America to barricade themselves. Also Gary gets in trouble for presenting American News organisations with the "SELECTIVE VISION" award for their complete lack of coverage when their poorly trained fighter pilot bombed a group of Canadian soldiers training in Afghanistan.

Episode PCK/2S:
" The BURY THE HATCHET Spectacular "
Raw anger and emotion give way to forgiveness and acceptance as the gang tries to move beyond the last few weeks of anti-American sentiment but will it be enough to convince the sniper to shoulder his weapon and will they be too late to stop the Cruise Missle from hitting the studio?

Episode PCK/2T:
" The CLIP SHOW Spectacular "
The gang gives the May 2002 Sweeps trend of dredging up clip shows and reunions the treatment. Also Gary gets in trouble for showing a clip show of his home renovation so he can claim some of the expense on his taxes.

Episode PCK/2U:
" The LEFT-OVER Spectacular "
A showcase for sketches that the gang came up with that didn't seem to fit it any one theme show or were left out for time allowances. Although many are no longer topical they all come with COMEDY PLUS!

Episode PCK/2V:
" The NEXT SEASON PREVIEW Spectacular "
The gang presents up-coming sketches from the next season based on current events that haven't happened yet. Also Gary gets in trouble with the Nuclear Energy Board for using Pickering One to power his time machine. And the season ends with a dance number.

Episode PCK/3A:
" The BIN LAUGHING Spectacular "
SEASON PREMIER: Bad taste abounds as the group takes you twenty years into the future with the premiere of "OSAMA!" the musical (sung to the tune of "O SUZHANNA"). Also Gary apologizes to the President of the United States for comments made outside the House of Commons.

Episode PCK/3B:
" The THAT'S NEWS TO US Spectacular "
Everything from AIRLINE COLLAPSES to MERGERS, and LEADERSHIP CONVENTIONS to BUDGETS is given the treatment with a particular spin on how the news 'handles' it all for you.

Episode PCK/3C:
" The VIEW FROM THERE Spectacular "
The translated version of TV from the other side of the smoky cheese curtain (what French speaking Canadians get for Television is parodied). Also Gary apologizes to the Quebec Culture Minister for comments he made about Quebec not really having a culture.

Episode PCK/3D:
" The CANADATION Spectacular "
The gang treats us to what American hit films would have looked like were they made by Canadians. Also, Gary apologizes to the last known survivor of the Titanic disaster for James Cameron.

Episode PCK/3E:
" The NEO-CONS ARE COMING Spectacular "
Now that Stephen Harper has co-opted the Conservative banner the gang powers up the time machine to see the first few days of the Harper Government as they appoint Senators to cabinet, entice people to cross the floor, make deals with the Bloq and NDP to stay in power and continue to froth at the mouth at the mere mention of the word Liberal. Also, Gary apologizes for the stains caused by his new line of Stephen Harper inaction figures.