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As creator of BEAR IN SPACE, DOBBS THE CAT and others Gary O has entertained millions with colourful doodles and punchy comedy woven around the pop media satire of various media.

The growing volume of his very popular "comics gone mad" continue to entertain new generations with timeless comedic skill.



As creator of "SPACE ODDITY", "FINNEGAN'S SQUAD", "QUICKSILVER", "ZED-13" and "BOLDER" Gaz has produced a voluminous account of a future already following his predictions.   His intense and often frankly funny critiques of current political policies in both Canada and the US show his quick wit and wisdom as crafter of forward thinking public policy.   Long before Obama was talking about the "Audacity of Hope" Gaz was highlighting the true nature of Canada's historical vision as a blue print for the future where "Shared Sacrifice/Shared Benefit" replaced "Faster, Better, Now!" thinking on a pathway to a sustainable long-term vision of viability rather than the clearly failed strategies of short-term greed.



As an experienced Administrator/Manager, Gaz can quickly analyze and streamline your processes without disruption, resulting in significantly improved controls and better forecasting methods.   To assist with "Lean Initiatives" he took on the additional responsibility of the Mailroom, decentralizing the function, improving processes that resulted in an immediate 40% cost savings while increasing individual department's cost controls on this function.   Then he undertook the task of streamlining a Remarketing function, greatly reducing response and turn over times for the release and sale of assets to clients.   At the same time he worked with I.T. to improve quality controls for telecom on new locations and assisted the Sales & Marketing department in staff transitions for both their cost controls and analyst functions.   And when the staffing weren't available for a required franchise promotion he worked directly with the Director of Marketing to develop, write, generate and place the ads in the papers required.   Roadblocks to success for some are just opportunities to learn for Gary
. All this while outperforming previous Admin Assistants at his core responsibilities and being the 'go-to' person for advanced operations with Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Some people hire Office Managers for support, others need people like Gary who know how to make companies they work for profitable while supporting people administratively.
Who do you hire?


In the sexually graphic novel FLUX DEITY Guerrey MacDavid weaves a tale of lust, desire and hunger for relevance, deftly played against a rich tapestry of a near future we might already have as eight characters come together to build a machine designed to bring God himself forward to account for their miserable lives, but who get instead a personification of Lucifer that quickly challenges all preconceptions.   Critically acclaimed for its voluminous and innovative concepts this FELIX AWARD winning novel continues to seep into the collective intelligence of mankind offending sensibilities while offering both hope and an important lesson for all mankind.



As co-star of "SHUTTLEDOWN" Gary Teed played the cog caught in the wheels of a power struggle who is destined to be remembered as the assassin of a great man instead of the one who stopped a poor leader before he could take the planet down the wrong path.   As his lone opportunity to escape is foiled by an injury sustained during a crash he himself engineered he begins his confession couched in the warning to his protege about the path the younger man has already begun on.   Teed's deft handling of dense dialogue communicates the frustration of a trapped animal gracing his fellow traveller with what little warning he can as they wait for rescue.



With his vitriolic hatred of hypocrisy, keen intellect and encyclopaedic knowledge of political science and spin-doktory, G.O. is able to quickly analyze the flaws, vice, and victory in nearly any policy, deconstruct the talking heads and their spin, and weave better 'push' or 'pull' to either promote or counter-act their game. A life-long Conservative who has proven the current gang of robbers and power mad narcissists are CINO (Conservatives In Name Only), G.O. continues to pick at the threads on their borders, subtly helping shift the iceberg of political will in this country back to the center where it belongs, all while tirelessly defending the long established institutions of Canada that are at risk from the power mad, who see them as obstructions to their dismantling of the nation.