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PUCKTOWN™ is an original television comedy franchise developed by Gary Davidson from an episode story initially suggested for the TITAN VIDEO series RIPPLES.   In that story a middle aged man working as the team mascot on a semi-professional hockey team is let go from his job with dramatic impact, however at each attempt to write the screenplay Gary kept striking upon comedy moments, and in developing the backhistory for the other characters, and the circumstances behind the story, Gary lit upon the PUCKTOWN formula.

The concept is pretty simple:

The majority of the action centers around two people.   One is a man, the other a woman - with obvious implications.

The first elevation above this classic scenario is that one of the two characters is a recently brought in Expert, sent by arm's length owners, to achieve specific results (ie: create a winning team, make the team profitable, etc); while the other main character is the current General Manager of the team and someone with both a need for the team exist and family connections to the team's origin.

The second elevation is that one is American and the other Canadian.   This requires a bit more skill in the story telling and character development because although each series will play upon the inherent stereotypes of the two cultures there are numerous permutations that allow each season/series to elevate even further.

The third elevation is the hook or complication to the above.

The final elevation and a consistent source for comedy is the "HOCKEY COMMENTATOR".   This is a buffoonish old man whose opinions are broadcasted and frequently complicate the episode's storyline.   Although the first two versions of him are basically parodies of former PM Jean Chretien there is plenty of room to change the character so long as he remains the least sophisticated character on the show.

The variations of the above work as follows:

The first series premise centered around the male GM of the Lakeview Glaciers (substituting for Toronto here), a man who lives and breathes hockey; while the American was a female MBA with a well earned history for cost cutting brought in to make the team profitable or sellable.   Her name was MacKenzie and she was sent up because the owners thought it sounded like a Canadian name but it wasn't and she didn't know anything about the sport, country, etc.   The Commentator is a backwoods francophone bumpkin named "PAPA HOCKEY" and has a less significant roll in the story.   In this version both MAIN CHARACTERS instantly hate each other and their comedy came out of their individual attempts at one upping each other and gaining control of the team.   The style of these episodes is more in the FRASIER vein and the first episode in this series was called "THE WAR OF 18:12".

The second series premise was developed by Gary with a writing partner, Nancy Majoulian, who is both a hockey fanatic and from Quebec.   In this version the GM is a young female stud with a history of chasing the players until she is suddenly thrust into the management position of the Outaouais Lava (substituting for Ottawa).   The American male considers himself a 'sex god' but is really more of a male slut who desperately wants to get back to New York and his posh, convenient life.   The Commentator is "UNCLE FRANKO" who actually is the GM's uncle and part owner of the team.   In this version, while the woman is unhappy about the American babysitter it is Uncle Franko who is actively working to sabotage him, just as he did the woman's father, his brother-in-law.   The additional hook here is the clash of the English and French cultures in all their forms.   The style of these episodes is more in the CHEERS vein and the first episode in this series is called "FACEOFF".

In another version the team is in America and run by the desperate daughter of the team's founder who needs the team to succeed because its important to the community.   In this case she hires a former head coach from Quebec to make the team profitable and the visiting Canadian is the fish out of water while the Commentator is a backwood's man, the organizations handyman, and more interested in hunting and fishing than hockey.

Each subsequent version would mix up the conflicts:   IE: The Expert is metrosexual, while the GM is gay.   Or the Team is relocated so the owner hasn't a clue how to make it work.   There's even a version where the sport is Soccer and the Canadian Head Coach brought down only knows Hockey but the owner, a very rich widowed ego-maniac is far too sophisticated to see the difference simply wants the team to make money, while the Coach needs the job because of how he lost the last one.

As with all good television franchises the combinations are nearly endless.

          (currently seeking production partners/distribution)
PUCKTOWN: Franko-American
          Created and Written by: Nancy Majoulian & Gary Davidson

A major shake-up in the front office of the OUTAOUAIS LAVA Hockey Club ensues when the francophone daughter of the former boss is elevated into the top management slot and comes up against the American playboy Executive that the new owners have sent up to run things.

PUCKTOWN (Original Series)
          Created and Written by: Gary Davidson

Life in the front office of the LAKEVIEW GLACIERS Hockey Club will never be the same when the League sends an American up to fix their financial woes but she knows nothing about Hockey or Canada.




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