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Let's not kid ourselves, you're not actually in a museum but I'm trying to think of what the disadvantage of that is. It's rare you can touch anything in a museum anyway. You can't carry it with you everywhere or show your friends the cool stuff you saw and learned unless you spent the whole afternoon photographing and video taping everything. You have to wear pants, or as the signs often state, at least a shirt and shoes. Most people can't really explore a museum sitting down and that means walking, lots and lots of walking.

The only real advantage to a physical museum is maybe the architecture and that you're actually looking at the things you're seeing.

And except for the architecture bit, the advantages to this Virtual Museum are all the disavantages listed above AND the handy TABLE OF CONTENTS BELOW lets you zoom to the part of the exhibit you're actually interested in without needing to wander through a bunch of stuff you couldn't care less about.

Okay, there is one other disadvantage to a Virtual Museum. Unless you wander through each page you're not likely to make an unplanned or quite interesting discovery that you weren't really expecting. I mean when we toured the JFK Presidential Museum in Boston back in 2010 the last thing we expected was to accidentally come across some doodles that Jackie Kennedy had done which looked almost exactly like "The TUBette" comics my wife does. Eerie, huh? Well, maybe then, after you've rushed to what you came here for, you'll wander around a bit. Who know's what you'll find? (I do. I totally do).

Let's start with answers to some basic questions:

  · Where was I born?
  · Have I ever lived near you?
  · What was school like before the Internet?
  · Did we ever work together?
  · Have I ever Visited Your Area?

Then we'll move onto my collections:

  · My neckties
  · My Facemasks
  · My magnets
  · Books I wrote
  · Books I didn't write but published
  · Books I bought and wish I written
  · Books I've read
  · Videos I made - Entertainment
  · Videos I made - Documentary
  · Videos I didn't make - VCR
  · Videos I didn't make - DVD
  · Videos I didn't make - HD-DVD, BLURAY & 4K
  · Videos I didn't make - Digital and other
  · Audio I made & Audio I'm in
  · Audio I didn't make: Cassettes
  · Audio I didn't make: Records
  · Audio I didn't make: CDs
  · Art I made
  · Art I bought


Then we'll go deep into my thoughts:

  · DictionGARY
  · GARYpedia - Gary Fixes Everything


  · MacManus Oddity (Earth Oddity, Young Space Oddity, Jill Magellan, Finnegan's Squad, Quicksilver, Space Oddity, Future Oddity)
  · Bear (Adventures of Bear; Bear In Space; Bear Trek; Bear and Friends; Bear Conquers All)
  · Bolder
  · Flux
  · Bedtime Stories for Bad Little Children
  · Dobbs
  · Puppet Parliament
  · Duzza and the Cold Bear Report

UNIVERSES I spend a lot of free time in:

  · Star Trek
  · Star Trek - Eaglemoss
  · Star Trek - Starships
  · Star Trek - Props
  · Battlestar Galactica
  · Batman
  · Miscellaneous Genre
  · Paris
  · Poleconomy


  · Gary Davidson, POTUS
  · Rabbi of Luv
  · Radio TMI
  · Gary's Dream Homes

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